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Don't just shop, this item can be for investment

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YEAY! Payday soon ladies. Already have plans to go shopping with the girls? Cosmo recommends that you don't just shop, because it turns out that the following items can be used as investments . Curious? Check out the following review.


Try to count how many bags you currently have in your collection. Does it have resale value, or is it just a permanent resident in the closet? Cosmo 's advice , you should buy a branded bag so that it can be used as an investment in the future, such as bags from Hermes, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel whose prices are increasing every year. Choose a bag that has a classic style and color that will never go out of style. For investment, a bag like that is better than a limited edition bag.


These beautiful shoes that can always distract you can also be used as investment items, dear. If bags can be a long-term investment item, shoes are different. Wearing branded shoes of the highest quality will be an investment for the best appearance while working. So it's okay to buy expensive shoes as long as you can make more money?


This object may be familiar to be used as an investment. Some well-known brands such as Rolex, Panerai, or Hublot are the target of watch collectors – not only to complement daily appearances but also for long-term investments. The key, you have to choose a watch with pure gold or leather, especially if there is a sprinkling of diamonds as an addition. Buying a limited edition watch is also a wise investment decision.


Objects that never escape from the appearance of this woman seems to be the object that is most often chosen to invest. Rings to necklaces made of precious metals plus diamonds that enhance their appearance are the reasons women hunt for accessories. The price of precious metals continues to rise every year, so investing in accessories is the right choice for you.

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