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Attract Potential Bosses Through Your LinkedIn Profile


Attract Potential Bosses Through Your LinkedIn Profile

Advances in technology make some companies "literate" to find out about prospective employees. In addition to filling in personal data and the usual job interviews , one of the newest ways to find out the background of the prospective employee is to peek at their social media account profiles – LinkedIn is one of them. Check out Cosmo 's review below.

Don't just cut and paste

, you certainly won't just give your personal data when you meet new people, right ? Therefore, never just cut and paste a curriculum vitae. It's better to list your explanations and skills briefly and clearly, as if you were telling someone you've just met. Try to make your profile different (read: unique) from others.

Highlight Your Skills

Don't waste the Skills & Expertise section on your profile, because this is the key to making it easier for people to find and remember you. Adding specific skills and expertise can also make you look more unique and different than others.

Expose Experiences

Help others to better understand your duties and roles in your previous company. Feel free to describe your work and organizational experience in a short, clear, and concise manner so that it is easy for those who read it to digest.

Build Connections

Connections are one of the most important aspects of the adventure of achieving your dream career. Just imagine what happens if a large company that is watching your profile turns out to have the same connection? Hmm, of course there will be a plus for your profile, dear. With that, the entrance to the new office has begun to open.

Actively Updating Resume

LinkedIn Profile is one of the real reflection of your professional life which can be updated very easily. Make sure your profile is kept up to date, and it's also a good idea to start expressing your point of view on an industry trend. This can be done by updating your status or commenting on news shares to build your credibility and maintain a professional relationship.

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