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Is it Dangerous to Take Stale Drugs?


Is it Dangerous to Take Stale Drugs?

When you suddenly have a headache, you will probably head straight to the medicine cabinet to take some of the pain relievers available there. Wanting to get well soon, you forgot to check the expiration date. After the drug is swallowed, you just realize that the drug has an odor.

The stale date of the drug is generally stated on the label or package of the drug. The date listed is the last date on which the pharmaceutical factory or drug manufacturer can still provide a full guarantee of the potential for the drug and its safety. And all drug manufacturers are required to put a rotten date on each product.

Quoted from Health, according to Margarita Rohr, MD, from the University of New York Langone Joan H. Tisch Women's Health Center, regarding the safety of expired drugs, actually there is little scientific evidence that smelly drugs can be toxic (poison) which if you consume them can make you sick. sick, just like when you eat smelly food.

Even though it doesn't always have bad results, what is clear is that the medicine will lose some of its effectiveness after the expiration date is over. "How much effectiveness is lost after the rotten date is still unclear and will likely have an adverse effect on the body," he said.

For certain drugs, the stale date of the drug is more important than for others. "Nitroglycerin [which is used to treat chest pain] are known to lose their effectiveness very quickly, the reason is that these drugs should not be used past their expiration date," says Dr. Rohr.

Other medicines that shouldn't be taken after the expiration date are liquid antibiotics and pills, as well as some injectable drugs such as Norepinephrine (used to treat severe stress and low blood pressure), for example, must be thrown away if you see a change in color in the packaging (Ampules). , added dr. Rohr.

Can expired medicines still be used? The effectiveness of some medicinal products is known to last longer than the smell date stated on the label. To find out if a drug still has potency even though it's past its expiration date, Rohr suggests considering your original purpose for taking the drug.

"If you're taking a blood thinner like warfarin to prevent blood clots or an anti-seizure drug like dilantin or phenobarbital, it's important to make sure the drug has a full chance of helping counteract the detrimental effects of treatment failure," he says.

So if after taking stale medicine, you don't feel any effects as usual, it's a sign that the drug has lost its effectiveness, it is recommended to buy a new drug.

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