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Stay Productive While on a Business Trip


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When you are busy with various office work, suddenly the boss asks you to go on a business trip. Of course you can't refuse right? Then how do you keep your business trip from making all the work in the office neglected? Check out the following methods that you might try.

Well Prepared

Before you go, be sure to bring all the necessities that may be needed to complete office work while you are traveling. Important documents, laptops, smartphones , and chargers should not be left behind. Psst, don't forget to fully charge all devices before you go, dear.

Carry Portable Modem With You

Yes , there is nothing wrong with taking precautionary measures, just in case the place you are going to does not provide Wifi facilities. Portable modems are also useful when you travel by car or plane, where you can work between trips that are usually spent at the airport or cafe.

Read E-book During Flight

Do you still have information or data that you should read? Transfer it to your smartphone or tablet so you can read it on board the flight. You can also save various e-books that can support your work. In essence, use your free time to stay productive. Remember, when on a plane, always set your gadget in airplane mode or flight mode .

Conference Call

With advances in technology like now, don't worry you will miss all the developments in the office during a business trip. You can still make conference calls with co-workers even though you are away from the office through various media, such as Skype for example. Well, there's no reason to leave tasks on hold any longer, right? Good luck!

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