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Smart & Achievable Career Resolution


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Have you ever heard the expression, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” ? Yes, use this opportunity to carry your career in a better direction. It's never too late!

Becoming More Organized

Whether at home or at work, the new year should start by getting rid of all the piles that make your desk look cluttered. Buy an organizing board to keep all the little notes or post-it notes, rather than just sticking them haphazardly on the monitor screen or splattering all over the cubicle walls.

Fitter, More Productive

Okay, maybe this was on your list of resolutions for 2012, but there's nothing wrong with making health a resolution every year, 'cause it is THAT important! Exercise at least three times a week. No need to be heavy , you can walk to lunch, join a fitness club, swim, jog in the morning, and much more. Exercise is proven to increase blood flow to the brain so that you can generate brilliant ideas. Not only makes your body fit, exercise can also make you much more productive at work. Work it out, girls!

Controlling Your Personal Finances Tighter

? Definitely. But now is the time for you to manage spending better and control spending habits that are getting out of control. Find the most suitable financial management system for you and work hard to stick to it for the future.

Updating your Resume

Well, you never know when a good opportunity will come, so it's better if you prepare yourself from the start. Updating your resume indirectly will also help you remember what achievements you have achieved during your work. Later when the review arrives, you will be able to smoothly describe it without having to dig and remember again. 

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