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Quick Battle Against Deadline


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In your career, you can run at maximum speed or, conversely, walk slowly. But, what if the opponent is a deadline ? You don't need to take off your stilletto to run from this “monster”, Cosmo has prepared a great trick for you!

Make a timeline

Don't think you have much time to relax. However, if you make some kind of work plan, little by little your burden will be reduced. So, the first thing you have to do is set a time limit. Choose a period by day, week, or month.

Make to-do list

Also determine what activities are the priority in the pre-determined period. Make a priority scale for each period. Thus you can prioritize the work that is approaching the deadline .

Know Yourself

Don't force it - there's nothing wrong with taking a break and relaxing when you can no longer handle all the workload. By knowing your limits and taking short relaxations, your energy will also be recharged and your work productivity will be primed again. 

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