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Handling A Frenemy


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Well, you never know if there is a “wolf in sheep's clothing” in your office environment. Well, these frenemy are people who claim to be friends but often stab you in the back. How do you actually know the characteristics of a frenemy? And how to deal with it?

He Goes About You

One day, you hear some nasty gossip about you. Investigate has investigated, apparently the gossip comes from "friends" who have been quite close to you. Oh dear, this could be a bad sign. Don't be fooled by the gossip, and ignore it as much as possible. Gossip will disappear by itself if not served.

He's Badmouthing Your Best Friend

This time, the frenemy is trying to play against your friend by badmouthing your best friend in front of you. If you really know the true character of a friend, then you shouldn't be instigated by his words, right? Stop the incitement immediately by saying that what he said was unkind and inappropriate.

He Spreads False Kindness

On your face, he's cute, but on the back he's not as good as you think. Well , if one of your friends has this trait, you should be wary. Once you know the bad, don't respond with emotion. Be yourself, stay level-headed and don't fall for the tactics.

He Steals Your Spotlight

Yes , this is the last frenemy feature . When you are happy and receive congratulations from a colleague on an achievement that you just achieved, he does not want to lose and then announces an achievement as well so that it steals all the attention from you. annoyed? Definitely. But don't get carried away with emotions, dear . Just say goodbye neutrally, and get over it. After all the truth will be revealed and your friends will realize who is the champion. 

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