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Continuing Doctoral Education or Working?

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 Dear Cosmo,

My parents forced me to continue my doctoral studies, while I have no work experience. To be honest, I'm also not sure about continuing my education. But I'm also not very confident about entering the workforce with a master's degree but without work experience. What should I do, Cosmo ?

In the world of work, higher education but "no experience" at all is also a consideration. Usually those who suddenly have master's or doctoral degrees without experience end up becoming educators or having a career in the academic path (eg becoming a lecturer). It's never too late, you can work first or work while continuing your doctoral studies. Parents are pushy because they always think their opinion is best for their children. Talk to your parents and give them understanding, Cosmo is sure if you speak your heart they will understand. But if there is no agreement and you are forced to follow the wishes of your parents, you can just work while you're at it . Many people do that. The key: Commitment in the division of time. what the hellwho can't? You are a fearless woman , right?

𝕵𝖔𝖑𝖆 Kyɛfa yɛ fɛ, nanso sɛ woannya mfaso mfi kyɛfa mu a, so wokɔ so kyɛ? Me nsusuw sɛ ɛho hia, momma yɛnkɔ so nkyerɛw blog
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