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4 New Rules of Being a Leader


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Being a leader means holding more responsibility, along with greater power. But not all leaders can successfully bring their subordinates to achieve good goals. Not a few also fail when carrying out the leadership role. Then what kind of leader will succeed? You should first consider the following points.

Knowing That Change Is Happening

In the past, being a leader meant sitting still and giving orders. These days, that kind of work rule doesn't apply anymore, darling . Understand how the office you lead by walking around and asking about the duties of each employee. The more grounded you are in the eyes of employees, the more loyal they will be to you and the company, thus encouraging work productivity.

Understand That World Becomes Borderless

Yes, with the advent of the internet, the communication system becomes smoother, cultural exchanges occur all the time, and the world becomes more and more borderless. Understand the latest technology and social media so you won't miss it, dear .

Realize That Talent is Priceless

Nowadays, talents and talents of human resources must be carefully guarded because they will easily leave your company if not treated properly. Cooperate with them, make your employees comfortable and discuss the job desk that will help them work optimally.

Be Specific

In the modern era like today, the treatment called generalization no longer applies, therefore you must understand that the way to approach other parties (employees and the market) is to create specific things or goals, according to the needs of certain segments. Cosmo 's advice , record all developments inside and outside the office, then analyze what changes are needed specifically. 

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